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Our Story


We exist because you are enough

Hey babes, I'm Jasmine 👋🏾

I struggled with insecurity & low self esteem as a teen. I moved around a lot, from New York, to the Caribbean, Thailand, and finally boarding school in the English country-side. Although I’m so grateful for these experiences I think I was also left with a sense of inner instability & always feeling like I didn’t quite belong.

It wasn’t until my 2nd year of university & going through some pretty rough stuff that I was forced to really look at myself and admit how unhappy I was. I realised there was a consistent pattern of me allowing toxicity into my life, because deep down I did not believe I deserved better.

After alot of soul-searching, tears, Oprah videos & hard work, I slowly built up my confidence and found a hobby in business that built up my confidence.

Babes on Waves exists as a result of this journey, and it is my mission to help bad-ass babes create the lives they deserve.

Now to hype myself up. Since then I've won Innovate UK's Young Innovator Award, Unltd's Social Entrepreneurship Award, was Highly Commended in Tech Round's 50 Under 50 BAME Founders. I've raised nearly £50k in grants & spoken at amazing places like Ethel's Club, Jamii & Lost Village Festival.

Most importantly, I've met so many amazing women on this journey who have become my best friends. After all, the real treasure is ✨the friends we made along the way ✨


We wanna live in a world where all women can make their dreams a reality. No exceptions, no excuses. We want every babe to be confidently and fearlessly themselves, and most importantly we want other women to back them all the way.


By giving all our babes the tools, support and guidance they need to create their dream lives. Whatever that might look like. Want a 10k month? We’ve got a worksheet for that. Need help with your inner peace? We’ve got an event for that. Craving support and guidance from like-minded creatives? We’re ALL about that.

What is a babe on a wave?

Doesn’t matter what gender or race you are- babes on waves dream big but also do the work.  We take action & keep ourselves accountable, but without being too serious- because what’s the point if we can’t also have fun?

Diversity and inclusion

When you look at the stats around Black, Asian & other POC groups across business, household income & confidence, it’s pretty scary! That’s why we prioritise Black women, women of colour & non-binary people in our membership.

However, for real change to happen, everyone needs to part of the conversation- so our club also has spots for people of other races who identify as LGBTQIA+, grew up poor, have a disability or are disadvantaged in some other way.

PSSST. A minimum of 60% of our events are run by Black talent or industry leaders that are babes of colour. So, if this is you & you  wanna run an event, contact us here boo.

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