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Season 3 Community Gardening Notes

Babes on Waves

Our ultimate Community Gardening resource!

Our Community Gardening sessions are an opportunity for you to come with a problem you’re struggling to solve, or a goal you’d like to reach, and your mentor host will advise how they’d approach it. You’ll also get to meet other creative entrepreneurs in your session & network/learn from each other. We wanted to share with you the Mentorship notes from the previous season of our hybrid online & IRL mentorship programme curated for you, by us. The Sessions include:

  • How to Pitch Negotiate and Unlock the Power of Brand Collaborations for Underrepresented Communities: with Anthea, Head of Partnerships at GUAP
  • Marketing & PR: How to use Influencer Marketing to Grow Your Business and Your own Personal Brand With Influencer & PR manager Iman Leila, ex Partnerships lead at the Digifairy
  • How to Become a Full Time Content Creator and Monetise Your Audience with Tamara, Creative Lead, Culture Talent and Influencers at Complex ex Digital Influencer Partnerships Lead at Channel Four & ex Talent Partnerships Lead at the Digifairy
  • Music & Journalism: Turning your hobbies into a career with Christine Ochefu
  • From Pitch to Production: How to Become a Producer with Fatima, Managing Director at Naked, ex Exec at Channel Four and ex Commissioning Editor of the BBC

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