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How to Secure Brand Partnerships

Jade & Rowena

When brands align with the right products and services magic happens, But how do you know which brands to approach, when, and how to approach them?

In this session with Rowena Cumner and Jade Coles you’ll learn how to brainstorm partnership ideas plus how and where to find the best contacts at the companies and groups you’ll need to approach. They’ll help you focus on ways you can work together to amplify your projects and ideas!


Jade Coles is a creative strategist whose niche is designing cultural event programmes that resonate with London’s creative, forward-thinking audiences. Jade has over eight years experience in cultural production and event programming having worked with industry leaders in the hospitality space such as Soho House, Festivals like Lost Village and a host of startups in the Creative Industries space including Creative Entrepreneurs and The Collective.

Rowena Cumner loves Partnerships full stop. She’s spent the last 14 years working within Marketing teams big and small across the US, UK, and European Tech and Entrepreneur sectors (most recently as Global Partnerships Manager for the beloved business cards MOO and has recently joined FoundersCard in the US) as well as being Chief Engagement Ring Officer of her own little start-up Agent Engagement!

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