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Grow your Instagram

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How to save in a Pension

Coco Financial

We are Fi and Shan and Coco Financial Services is our small owner-managed business and therefore understand your daily demands as a small business. We are two chartered- accountants based around London and the South-East of England.

We aim to empower creative entrepreneurs and freelancers to take control of the accounting and finance side of your business. Sounds dull, right? and perhaps even scary – we know! But it is a critical aspect of running any business and we seek to equip you with support to confidently grow your business without stressing too much about accounting.

This workshop will be focused on pensions and how to manage profit & salary as a self-employed biz owner.

You will learn:

?What even is a pension?
?Why it’s incredibly important for women to take control of their pension – spoiler alert… the patriarchy!
?Tax benefits of investing into a pension