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Casting, Consultancy, Evvent Design uplofting the Black & Asian community





We are the first membership to intake members according to an inclusion policy (which means we prioritise women of colour and underrepresented groups). We’re also super proud to support business diversity, so all kinds of industries and levels of entrepreneurship are represented and celebrated here.

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Just join the waitlist sis and when the next intake opens you’ll be sent a link to join.

If you manage to get a spot, you’ll get access to monthly workshops, meet-ups, worksheets, discounts, access to all recordings of past workshops plus entry into our Slack community. That’s where you can network, ask questions, communicate with your accountability partner and make friends!

If you don’t want to wait until the next intake, you can sign up to a Level 1 events-only membership rn.

What a question gurl. You can expect it ALL, but if we had to sum it up:

  • You’ll make amazing biz friends and be less lonely
  • You’ll gain opportunities for new gigs, to collab and to network
  • You’ll learn how to grow and manage a modern-day business

Plus you’ll become part of our tight-knit community of babes where we’ll celebrate all your successes and support you through challenges. We got you bb. Come join us.

Well it’s not a Facebook group lol.

But seriously, we can promise you a level of diversity you won’t find anywhere else, tons of accountability to keep your biz on track and a fun social place with loads of laughs and a really lovely vibe.

No way, we have babes all over the world in our club. From Singapore and Indonesia to the UK and the USA. We take timezones into consideration when booking workshops, and encourage members to meet locally IRL too. It’s cute.

Not all of it! We’re primarily all about that URL life as have members across the world, but always encourage you to meet other local babes. We host some IRL events when we can (think a big xmas blowout and sexy summer BBQs!)

Of course. If you start growing your network and behaving like a founder now, we’re pretty sure it will increases the likelihood of you having a successful business. Why not start with a Level One membership and see how you go. After launch, level up!

The best kind of people. We have founders from tech, beauty, lifestyle, fashion, art and wellness startups. Plus freelancers, like graphic designers and web developers. We also have aspiring entrepreneurs who are either in the ideation phase, or are still working out logistics. All our members are from extremely diverse backgrounds, and obvs the majority of our babes are women of colour.

That depends on your needs. Membership starts from £9.99 per month. Ready to join us babe?

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