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Weds 29th June GMT

Get your first 10k followers on TikTok | Module 3: Making TikTok Work for You

Location: Online

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BOW babe Mia Sakai is a Photographer & Creative Director, with 22k followers on TikTok and almost 1 million likes. How did she do it you ask?

On this in-depth course Mia will go over everything from how to define your profile, which content styles work best with specific industries, how to make use of trending sounds and hashtags, how to get on the FYP, and so, SO much more!

Module 3: How to Make TikTok Work for You ( + BONUS CONTENT! ) 

This final module covers:

  • Techniques to Increase Visibility: The 7 Second Trick & More
  • The Secret to Branded Hashtag Challenges (UGC is king!)
  • Tips from TikTok – How to make the creator guide work for you

Bonus Content:

⭐️ What Mia’s learnt about the algorithm so far
⭐️ What’s worked for Mia & why
⭐️ Content TikTok does not favour on the FYP

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