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Looking for a new biz bestie? Or maybe you wanna hire a social media manager? How about models for your next shoot? We got you sis, peep our diverse roster of babes.

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Neurodiversity Advocate and Community Builder

I am a DEI champion, community builder and a neurodiversity advocate. I am particularly passionate about advocating and bringing more awareness around intersectionality with ADHD, neurodiversity and race particularly with Black Women who are often misdiagnosed and underdiagnosed.



Marketing creative + beauty content creator

Hey! I'm a brand culture creative with a love for all things beauty, culture and music. In my day job, I'm busy working up creative marketing ideas to bring brands closer to people in culture - from experiential to content to PR stunts while after hours, I'm creating beauty content online for social



Founder of Able Zine, Consultant and Creative

Founder of the world's first coffee table print magazine dedicated to disabled, chronically ill and neurodivergent creatives. Claudia’s mission is to integrate disability into our understanding of diversity and alter our media landscapes and workplaces to reflect a truly inclusive society.



Aesthetics Practitioner

As an aesthetics practitioner, my mission is to provide natural looking enhancements that make women of colour, especially black women, feel beautiful without losing their unique identity. K Brand Aesthetics, is dedicated to creating an inclusive and judgment-free space for all our girlies.



Illustrator, Storyboard Artist and Facilitator

Hi all! I am Chioma - aka Chi or Chi-Chi (he/they/she). I am a proud Nigerian-British illustrator, storyboard artist and facilitator based in London. I’m also a professional geek, which informs and inspires my practice. I'm passionate about spreading joy, underrepresented stories and accessibility.



Fine artist, oil painter, nature enjoyer 🙂

I´m a figurative oil painter and event organiser, that brings together talent to give a platform to underrepresented voices in the fine arts industry. I am an advocate for arts education and funding. I believe financial background should not be a barrier to a career in the creative sector.



Graphic Designer

I'm a Graphic Designer, who's goal is to work at the heart of a project, striving to create effective design solutions that are FUN & FUNCTIONAL. I've always had a passion for both the fashion and music industry so would love to test the design boundaries of these areas.



Music & Textile Artist

I am a storyteller across multiple mediums, including song (healing frequencies✨), textile art and design. Founder of Jigsaw Heritage, a printed textile art collection inspired by my dual British & Jamaican heritage. My mission is to empower others to feel seen and heard through my art & music.

Lisa Lutgen


Visual Artist & a Spicykraut

I make art that playfully explores identity, culture and feminism. During the week, I'm a software sales girly, learning how to build and grow businesses.



Digital marketing Strategist

I work in digital marketing & community management, helping small businesses creatively allocate their marketing budgets & scale their passions. My mission is to empower them with confidence in business operations & sales processes. Also create inclusive spaces through events & collaborations.



Freelance Director/Videographer

I am a freelance Director & Videographer. I am passionate about creating work that inspires and uplifts black culture. Working with like-minded people to create art in the music and film industry, capturing unique and captivating stories and using my skill set to bring my clients vision to life.



Brand Partnerships & Sales

I work client-side in early-stage digital media brands, helping clients creatively allocate their marketing budgets (branded content, newsletter, social, white label, experiential). I'm currently pursuing my MBA and am interested in helping founders scale their passions in a consulting capacity.



Writer and Multi-Disciplinary Creative

I am a writer, researcher, and journalist focusing on social issues, and trust and community building. My aim is to explore different mediums, from food to filmmaking to art exhibits, as a way to connect people from different backgrounds and cultures.



Art Director + Graphic & Motion Designer

I'm a self-taught art director + graphic & motion designer that's grafted her way into the music industry with the goal of exploring creativity in all it's forms (photography, digital and analogue design, ideation) to help artist's cultivate a powerful and distinct visual identity.



Supper Club Host and 3D Graphic Designer

Come Together is my side-hustle, where I host supper clubs and enable people to host their own. My full-time job is a graphic designer, and also offer freelance branding. I’m also a 3D artist. Throughout all my work I am interested in fashion, wellbeing, sustainability and community collaboration.



Fashion Stylist

Currently fashion stylist working across music and fashion but strong interest in strategy and consulting.



Fashion / Events Photographer

I'm a multi-hyphenated creative and fashion/event photographer empowering women to wake up to their worth, reconnect with their beauty, celebrate themselves, and create beautiful portraits. I’m on a mission to create social empowerment by changing how women perceive themselves, and their abilities.



Knitwear and Crochet Designer

I'm a knitwear, crochet and print designer and I have my own brand called Sitrin Fashion. My style is bold, eccentric and colourful! I believe more is more and love to create pieces that ooze joy and fun. My ultimate dream is to have my own retail/bar/event space!

Lisa Lutgen


Multi-Disciplinary Visual Artist & Spicykraut

I create art that playfully interrogates experiences from my Malaysian-German heritage, hence the artist alias 'Spicykraut'. My mission is to inform audiences and spark meaningful, inquisitive dialogue around WOC, culture, belonging and feminism.



Brand + Website Designer

I partner with visionary brand founders to help them become the changemakers they were born to be, get noticed and make their mark on the world 🌍 By creating a dreamy brand identity and web presence, I align them with their customers and set them on the path to success ✨



Actor & Retreat Marketer

I am a LAMDA graduate actor dedicated to creating the next generation of diverse stories across theatre, film & TV. Alongside the arts, I assist on managing operations at La Maison Michelle, a black-owned luxury villa in Barbados. Looking to collaborate artistically or hop on a plane together!



Founder and Brand Designer

I'm the graphic designer and founder of Identity and Flow a brand design studio crafting aesthetic brand identities for modern-day brands & forward-thinking founders. My mission is to build authentic brand identities that stand out through thoughtful strategy and engaging visuals.



Interior Designer & Founder of Wrapped By Sarah

I'm passionate about women turning up as their authentic self by teaching women to style head wraps. We all love feeling good and know what when we do this feeling flows into all aspects of our lives which will positively impact our communities. I also love creating beautiful spaces 🙂



Director, Creative Director & Graphic Designer

I am a Director, Creative Director & Graphic Designer specialising in the music & fashion industries. I am currently focusing on directing music videos, creative direction for editorial shoots and designing cover art. I help underrepresented artists and small businesses build a cohesive image/brand.

Rosh Mak


Chocolatier & Founder of MAKS Candy

I'm Rosh, founder of MAKS Candy, an innovative and exciting confectionary brand which aims to provide an other-worldly experience through the magic of taste. My aim is to bridge the gap between food and design, whilst conveying meaningful messages that encourage positive vibes!



Design Director and Educator

I am a design director and educator, leading a talented in-house creative team at REVOLT. I don't just build brands I build people. My personal motivation has been to be the pioneer for building a community within the Creative Arts Industry and Academia for the Global South.



Founder of a Fashion Brand

I built a streetwear brand based on my African and South Asian heritage to show people on a global scale what wearable contemporary clothing could be like from both cultures. I also want to create a platform that promotes diversity to influence the next generation positively through my brand.



Founder of The Panic Room Podcast & Creative

I am the founder of The Panic Room Podcast. A platform aiming to create a safe space for POC to feel seen in their experiences while navigating the beginnings of their adulthood. I am also a versatile creative exploring my many passions and interests within the creative space.



Accountant, Video editor & Business owner

I am an accountant (ACA) with 5+ years experience, a video editor and the owner of Elus, a home decor/lifestyle business. My mission is to decode all the jargon around accounting and tax and help you become comfortable with the numbers & to help create effective visuals as an editor.



Photographer & Art Director

Nabra is a fashion and beauty photographer/art director from Toronto, Ontario. Her love of vibrant visuals pushes her to create and work with individuals of all walks of life.



Somatic Healer & Embodiment Teacher

I am a poet, healer and teacher who holds embodiment and somatic movement practices at the centre my work. My mission is to create a community of Healing Arts - spaces where people can deeply connect to their own bodies and each other through movement, breath and voice.



Brand Designer

I'm the graphic designer and founder of Cammi Designs a brand design studio crafting aesthetic brand identities for modern-day brands & forward-thinking founders. My mission is to build authentic brand identities that stand out through thoughtful strategy and engaging visuals.



Digital Content & Community Manager

I make complex and nuanced topics accessible through creative design. I aim to reconcile the relationships between people and the environment by building sustainable communities that address intersectionality, ensuring that the Black community is seen and included within the environmental spaces.



fashion copywriter for gen-z + millennial brands

I've written for the likes of Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Harvey Nichols, Farfetch, The Body Shop, Dove, Avon, Shein, Lyst and a ton of indies. I specialise in tone of voice and brand identity, so you can convert browsers into buyers and create genuine consumer connections that are cute af!



Social Media Editor and Writer

I'm a Social Media Editor with experience in editorial, working at Refinery29 in the past and now at the New Statesman. I'm passionate about making content accessible and sharing things with as many people as possible. I'm also a trainee journalist, regularly covering art, politics and culture.



Tax accountant & Founder

I am a tax accountant with 3 plus years working at some of the UK's largest accountancy firms and have worked with a breadth of clients from FTSE 100 to owner managed businesses. I am also the founder of start-up skincare brand - Shed Beauty where we focus on creating skincare for intimate skin.



Beauty Brand Founder (Gabar)

I'm a Founder of Gabar -- we're a new, POC-centered mind-body beauty brand. I get super fired up about helping people better their mental health & wellbeing, especially through tenets of mindfulness. I would LOVE to see a world that's more conscious, peaceful, more inclusive and less wasteful. <3



Money & Career Content Creator | Accountant

I create content aimed at brown and black women on how to level up your finances and build career confidence in a corporate environment. My mission is to create a community led conversation about money and career where millennial women can learn and grow from each other and with each other.



Founder of Misemi

I design bold printed pieces that celebrate culture, self-care and being unapologetically yourself. My aim is to make clothing that creates conversations and allows people to be carefree and express themselves through what they wear.



Art technician/ Illustrator

I’m a budding Illustrator that’s finding their footing carefully through the creative industry. Having been an Art technician for 4 years and working part time in Art spaces, I’m now keen on taking the next step to working with other creatives and making amazing work, friends and having an impact



Headshot & Branding Photographer

I'm passionate about everyone having a positive photography experience; it's heartbreaking how many people come to me with horror stories of expensive shoots with bad advice like "Don't eat the day of the shoot" EW! I want everyone to feel comfortable & have images that reflect them & their business



Founder of Pana & Doctor

As a wellness founder, medical doctor and yoga teacher, I create diverse spaces that empower better health and happiness. Pana is a platform that intersects wellbeing and culture sharing yoga, music and food from the African diaspora and beyond.



Portrait Photographer

Serena’s images convey a sense of candid honesty and community in every project. Portraying her subjects authentically is key to her aesthetic and recent series’ Back a Yard and Class of Covid-19 both follow this tone, centring issues effecting working class youth around the UK. ​



Founder of Senja by Maddie

I started Senja by Maddie, a slow-fashion brand that is focused on upcycling and producing minimal waste - everything is hand-made by me! My mission alongside growing my brand, is to remove the secrecy and barriers in the fashion industry by sharing information and having open / transparent convos.



Artist and Founder of Hendricks Nails

I founded Hendricks Nails a Beauty & Nail Bar offering handcrafted nail art. A place where everyone is welcome and to encourage you to be the best version of yourself. I've grown organically working at Fashion Week, providing pop up spaces, and collaborating with brands that share the same mission.



Body Neutral Personal Trainer & Performer

I'm building a community & fitness platform with the mission of making exercise & wellness practices enjoyable & inclusive! I help people break up with diet culture so they can learn to embrace their bodies & nourish them from a place of self love not self control!



Beauty Expert and Educator

Beauty is my life, but being Queer and Black, it’s not an industry I felt loved me back. After a lifetime of teaching myself skills and confidence, I created HVR to empower my community by sharing what I’ve learnt to make it easier for those who come after me.



Founder of Coffee & Fripes / Coffee consultant

I am the founder of Coffee and Fripes, a concept store in East London combining my two passions: speciality coffee and vintage clothes. My mission is to promote a more sustainable way of consuming coffee and fashion, making it approachable, inclusive and fun.



Founder of Healing Weeds

I created Healing Weeds to reignite our innate connection with the plant world and give people confidence to find their own wild medicine. My work shares practical skills and open talks about foraging and herbal medicine knowledge through events, writing, walks and workshops.



Accredited Coach, ZMLC Founder & Radio Host

ZMLC is here to break the mould of coaching with real talk for real people looking for real results. Helping individuals & companies get to know themselves on a deeper level by hosting workshops for brands & consulting businesses on company culture. Zoe also hosts panel talks and radio/tv shows.



Nail Artist

I am nail artist specialising in gel. My mission is to be the go-to girl for all your natural nail needs, although I do enjoy doing OTT nail creations with extensions and the like. I would eventually like to start my own academy and teach beauty with my own flair!



Community Lead • Creative • Curator

I’m a multidisciplinary creative working across the creative industries & advertising. My main focus across all activities is building inclusive spaces, collaborations & opportunities for underrepresented creatives.



Mindfulness & Self-compassion Practitioner

I guide you in rediscovering yourself, wholeheartedly, using mindfulness-based approaches. I support people who are looking for a more wholesome awareness of their internal world and teach you how to live with more acceptance, less self-criticism and a more harmonious mind, body & soul connection.



Photographer and Graphic Designer

I use photography and illustration to create visuals that document, celebrate and amplify real people, moments and stories. Whether I’m capturing behind-the-scenes of a creative process or illustrating artwork for an infographic, my aim is to empower and shed light on my people and their stories.



Founder of Axe & Saw, Comms Agency with seasoning

I'm one of few black female founders, who runs an independent agency on a mission to make diversity & inclusion profitable, desirable and integral to brands & organisations around the world. My mission; build the agency I always wanted to see.




I run a ceramic company making one-of-a-kind sculptural pieces for the home. I want to work one-on-one with clients making bespoke ceramic pieces.



Social Media Copywriter & Zine-Maker

I founded sweet-thang zine as I love the history of zines as a form of radical, DIY publishing, and want to uplift creative Black voices in these spaces. I am also a freelance copywriter for social media and specialise in editorial graphic design and zine-making!



Photographer & EIC / Founder of AZEEMA Mag

I'm a Visual Artist, Creative Director, Founder and Editor in Chief of independent Magazine, Platform and creative agency AZEEMA. My practices/work is often focused on identity, representation and the visibility of Women and Non-binary folk of colour.



Founder & Creative Director of House of Bilimoria

Having made clothes for the majority of my life and having a lineage of ancestors that also created the same, my firm belief in the ethics of the fashion industry come from a hands on approach. Equally, living into the legacy of the people that came before me & those that are deeply impacted today.



PR Coach & Strategist

Demystifying the media for the masses and making media relations simple for businesses that want to get press-coverage-confident I offer simple set up, training and strategy for startups that want great press - without the agency price tag



Founder of Winning and Worthy

I'm a fashion photographer, confidence coach and founder of Winning and Worthy, a self-love platform. My mission is to wake women up to their worth by creating individual and social empowerment through art, media and coaching.



Photographer/Art Director

I create images, videos and shape visual direction for indie fashion/lifestyle brands. My mission is making beautiful and unique contents to support likeminded promoting their concept/product/service.



Founder of iamabimillen

My goal when I launched my fashion business was to make amazing clothes and shout about the process behind each garment. From the first seed planted to the last stitch, each item not only supports my one women business but hundreds of women better their lives in my supply chain.



Fitness Trainer

I am a Fitness Trainer the founder of Lisa's Living Club: a URL + IRL fitness community that helps people make huge progress with their health + fitness, without progress pics + body shaming. Through fun classes + community, I want to teach people that there's much more to training than body image.



Co-Founder of SNKRS 'N' Houseplants

SNKRS 'N' Houseplants is a community space educating how you can be a more sustainable sneaker head. My mission is to allow creatives to explore their design processes in the sneaker industry by running our upcoming creative workshops using my Creative Direction, Production and Set Design skills.



Graphic Designer & Virtual Assistant

I'm a LDN based graphic designer and virtual assistant who wants to help you self-actualise your biz. I work closely with my clients to tailor my services to their needs. Whether it's design for IG posts, BTS admin or content creation for other platforms, Tiny Mirror reflects your best angles!



Fashion textile Designer / Printer

I’m a textile designer, specialising in print. My work celebrates my culture and heritage and showcases my dual heritage upbringing. My goal continue storytelling through my work encouraging others to explore their identity through textiles.



Founder of Sarora Knots

I design sustainable planters, upcycled from deadstock textiles disposed of by fast fashion companies. My mission is to challenge the way we view waste materials and their life cycle, and create fun and eco-friendly solutions fo you style your house plants.

Holly Rollins