Finding it hard to keep yourself accountable & motivated during never-ending WFH season?

Do you sometimes go a whole day without seeing or speaking to anyone?

Has WFH brain got your attention span all scrambled?

Babes on Waves has partnered with Focusmate to bring you a free virtual co-work club for femxle founders, creatives, freelancers & entrepreneurs. 


Get started today in 5 easy steps:

1. Click the link below.

2. Create your account for FREEEE (we got you!)

3. Book in to work at ANY TIME of your choosing- either by joining someone else’s session OR creating a new session. 

4. Be paired with another femxle founder and join the work portal on time to start. 

5. Introduce yourself & say what you’re working on today. Mute yourself and co-work with your partner for 50 minutes

Rinse & Repeat!

Whether it’s free self development tips to grow your confidence or tricks to grow your biz, you choose what you want to hear from us about!

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