Babes on Waves


...and other soft skills workshops

Over the past 3 years I have:

✔️Run a successful club night series that was featured in Resident Advisor & Mixmag.

✔️Created an online virtual events directory in 24 hours that launched in the Top 10 on Product Hunt before getting an acquisiton offer.

✔️Delivered workshops to over 500 women online.

✔️Upper 2:1 in Philosophy at a Russell Group university whilst working 2 part time jobs and starting my own business.

✔️Launched & Hosted a podcast where I interviewed Princess Diana’s Feng Shui Consultant, an IG influencer with 700k followers, & real-life ghost busters!

✔️Founded Babes on Waves, which grew from 0-50 members in 1 month. 

I’m an expert in “Getting Shit Done”, and have created a series of workshops called the Goal Diggers Masterclass to help you, your company or community Get Shit Done too.

My unique method for Goal setting goes beyond just breaking down big goals into smaller goals.  You will leave with a plan to make your dreams actionable, a personal system to stay motivated & a new and improved daily routine.

I have delivered this Masterclass to over 200 women both Virtually & IRL, working with brands, communities, universities, founders & individuals.

Goal Setting is an essential skill for success- a Harvard Business Study found that 3% of graduates who had goals written down ended up earning 10x more than the other 97% of graduates 10 years after graduation- true story.

But it’s one thing to intellectually understand why writing down goals might lead to success and another thing to experience it yourself.


How is this different to other goal setting workshops?

The Goal Diggers Masterclass is radically different to other goal setting methods, as it goes beyond simply breaking up big goals into smaller ones; it has been described as previous clients as “life changing”. You will leave with not just a better understanding of how to achieve your goals, but an action plan for moments of weakness and a drastic, positive mindset shift around how to get stuff done.

What does it involve?

The Goal Diggers Masterclass is delivered over 90 minutes in an intimate group setting, where you will be given the oppurtunity to ask questions & discuss as a group as you complete 5 worksheets and 1 additional journaling tasks. 

Is it only for women?

The Goal Diggers Masterclass is available to and is beneficial for anyone & everyone, regardless of gender.  

Is it really that great?

Yes! Make sure you check out the testimonials above. 

Other Work

I am able to deliver a number of talks, webinars & soft skills workshop on a range of topics. The key message communicated across these sessions is that women must take action and lean into their confidence from today, as I give them the tools to start creating the lives they deserve.

My 3 areas of expertise relate to:

  • Productivity (Goal Setting, Increasing Productivity in your Daily Routine, Letting Go of Perfectionism)

  • Confidence (How to be more Authentic, Breaking toxic relationship patterns, Building Personal Resilience)

  • Entrepreneurship (Going from Idea to Action, Overcoming Fears around your Personal Brand)

Expect personal stories, good discussions, actionable takeaways, and lots of warmth.