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Part 1: How to Build a Strong Online Community with Jazz, the Founder of Babes on Waves

✽ £30 ✽ 
✽ Wed 19th 19:00 ✽

Babes on Waves launched May 2020 with 10 women and by July had a strong, engaged community of 60 members. Now at 120 diverse, amazing members, Jazz is now sharing her knowledge all around strong community building. 

What Jazz will cover:
✽ The difference between an engaged audience & loyal community, + which you should be building for your biz

✽ Different types of communities you can be building
✽ How to turn your IG audience into a community

✽ Increasing Engagement in both your audience & community

✽ How to find your first community members

✽ How to set + enforce boundaries with your audience + community

Wednesday 19th May @ 19:00 BST

The recording from this webinar will only be available for 24 hours after the event. 


Free Post-Workshop Worksheet

Do you ever attend workshops, taking pages and page of notes only to never end up actioning anything?

We’ve designed this free worksheet for you to keep track of all your learnings and to move you from idea to action! Use it after
workshops, podcasts, IG live learnings- whatever!

#BlackRoleModels Community Builder Q&A with Khalia, Founder of Jamii
| Free |
Tues 11th May

Jamii is an online marketplace & platform for black creators & makers in the UK to make it easy to shop & support more than 220 community-owned businesses - from haircare to skincare, to greetings cards to clothing.

* how to build a successful community-based biz
* how to create brand partnerships with companies you want to work with
* how to turn your side hustle into a full-time one

Tuesday 11th May @ 13:00

How to Negotiate to Increase Your Business Revenue & Salary
| Free |
Tues 18th May

Struggling to feel confident when negotiating with a sponsor/investor, client or for your salary? This workshop will focus on why negotiation is important & how to recognise opportunities to negotiate so that you can get paid what you deserve.

Lawyer & legal expert Egbe Manton will get you to:
* look for opportunities to negotiate
* practice negotiating with people they feel comfortable with - a friend, colleague, fellow business owner, etc.
* feel confident that they have the skills to negotiate with ease

Tuesday 18th May @ 19:00
* All proceeds will be donated to charity for India’s COVID relief fund

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