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Workshops on How To Price Your Creative Services & How To Market Yourself On A Tight Budget

 Biz Club Exclusives

 Q&A with Bami Kuteyi



How To Price Your Creative Services | £20 |
Tues 10th November

Ever worry you’ll scare clients off by giving them your rates? Don’t have a clue how to even set your fees?

Business coach & content creator Kei Maye from London with over 15 years of experience within the visual arts sector will:
* provide solid tips & actionable steps in setting your rates
* debunk the most common pricing worries faced by creatives

* help you attract higher-paying clients

Tuesday 10th November @ 19:00


Q&A with Bami Kuteyi | Free | 
Wed 4th November

Ex-Googler Bami Kuteyi founded Bam Bam Boogie, a twerk-dance fitness studio when she was 22.

* How she launched her own app
* How she became a motivational speaker
* Her experience of pivoting her entire business & relaunching online during the COVID lockdown in 48 hours

Wednesday 4th November @ 19:00


Q&A with Cassandra Denton | Free |
Sat 17th October

Cassandra Denton is ta radio & podcast producer working alongside Spotify, Audible, BBC Radio 1, Broccoli Content & more. She is 1/3 of Unedited, an audio production company currently in partnership with  Spotify to faciliate their Sound Up programme.

* What it takes to be a successful & engaging podcast host
* How to develop podcasts from scratch, from planning to scripting to editing
*Her experience working with professional radio presenters & podcast hosts

Saturday 17th October @ 10:00

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