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Rollerskating Picnic Party in Clapham Common

✽ Free ✽
✽ Sunday 6th June 13:00 ✽

Super casual rollerskating & BYOB picnic London meetup with the BOW babes. Expect chill vibes, a sunny day & good company.

Crowdfunding for Diverse Founders

✽ £20 ✽ 
✽ Tues 8th June 19:00 ✽

Explore how to raise the capital required for your business and how to get funding in 2020, even in this climate. You will also discover how to keep all the funding without the stress of paying back and giving away shares of your business.

What Kayleigh will cover:
1. Decide how much you want to raise
2. Set a date and register on a crowdfunding platform
3. Be active on at least 2 social media platforms
4. Start connecting with people in your niche from NOW! 


Free Post-Workshop Worksheet

Do you ever attend workshops, taking pages and page of notes only to never end up actioning anything?

We’ve designed this free worksheet for you to keep track of all your learnings and to move you from idea to action! Use it after
workshops, podcasts, IG live learnings- whatever!

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