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Upcoming Pay as You Go events in the Business Club:


How To Legally Protect Your Business |
£20 | Tues 2nd March

Not sure what the difference between protecting a brand and a business is?

Solicitor and Founder of Lead Collective Ayo Odusanya will show you the:
* common mistakes biz owners make
* business entities
* intellectual property protection
* legal contracts and other legal business needs

Tuesday 2nd March @ 14:00

Securing Brand Partnerships | £20 | 
Sat 20th March

When brands align with the right products and services, magic happens. But how do you know which brands to approach, when, and how to approach them?

Partnerships Expert Rowena Cumner & Creative Strategist Jade Coles will teach you how to:
* brainstorm partnership ideas
* how and where to find the best contacts at the companies and groups you’ll need to approach
* focus on ways you can work together to amplify your projects and ideas

Saturday 20th March @ 10:00


Visualisation Journaling | Free |
Tues 9th March

Visualisation is a tool that is frequently used by top athletes and business leaders to improve performance.

Mendü co-founders Reg & Cay will teach you how to:
* how to use visualisation to dream and set goals
* how to reflect on your hopes for the coming year
* how journaling can be a tool to enable visualisation

Tuesday 9th March @ 19:00

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