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 Discover Your Value Proposition for Your Product Business

 Biz Club Exclusives

 Q&A with BOW founder Jasmine Douglas on User Research for your Tech Biz, Expert Q&A on Hiring a Virtual Assistant



Discover Your Value Proposition for Your Product Business
£20 | Sat 9th Jan

Ever felt confused as to what makes your biz really stand out from the crowd? Not sure how to go about identifying your unique selling point?

Business coach Mahara Kamara will:
* teach you how to discover the real value that your biz offers through the value proposition canvas
* guide you on how that value is able to meet the specific needs of your target customers

* provide you with different building blocks to get you from designing to building

Saturday 9th January @ 10:00


How To Do User Research | Free | 
Tues 12th January

Answering all your Qs on doing User Research to validate & inform your roadmap for your tech startup is Lead Researcher Clare Ridd.


* How to validate & inform your tech startup roadmap
* Practical exercises for doing market research with your team & customers to build a better biz/product

Tuesday 12th January @ 12:00


Hiring a Virtual Assistant | Free |
Tues 19th January

Hosted by VA coach Dionne Slater who runs a team of VAs providing support to entrepreneurs & online businesses. She helps cut through all the BS to help virtual assistants create successful & sustainable businesses.

* How to strategically hire, vet & work with your dream VA

* Common mistakes when hiring

Tuesday 19th December @ 12:00

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