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Upcoming Pay as You Go events in the Business Club. 

How to Build a Tech Startup without Tech Experience

Making FB Ad Spent Count as a Small Biz

From Freelancer to Creative Agency Founder with Brit, Founder of The Idea Girl

Free Post-Workshop Worksheet

Do you ever attend workshops, taking pages and page of notes only to never end up actioning anything?

We’ve designed this free worksheet for you to keep track of all your learnings and to move you from idea to action! Use it after
workshops, podcasts, IG live learnings- whatever!

Digital Mixer! | 
Thursday 25th March

This month our member meetup is open to non-members! Join us in Cosmos World for an hour of games & networking!

Thursday 25th March @ 19:00

How to Build a Tech Startup without Tech Experience
| Free |
Tues 6th April

If you've got an idea for an app or digital project but don't know where to start, this is your chance to get all of your questions answered

Techniclarity Founder Sophie Hebdidge will teach you:
* how to launch an app or digital product
* what the first steps you should be taking towards building your tech startup
* how to feel excited (rather than scared) about bringing your idea to life

Tuesday 6th April @ 12:00


From Freelancer to Creative Agency Founder with Brit Founder of Idea Girl
| Free |
Tues 27th April

Brittany Antoinette is the founder of the mega-successful creative agency Idea Girl. Get your questions on pricing, negotiating & being on Beyonce's site here.

Learn how to:
* transition from full-time work to freelance or running your own biz
* how to get, work and negotiate with clients that align with you
* how she launched her biz with no savings or backup plan

Tuesday 27th April @ 19:00

Making FB Ad Spend Count as a Small Biz
| Free |
Tues 20th April

Want to start advertising your biz on Facebook or Instagram but not sure where to start?

will teach you:
* when to invest in ads
* how to create campaigns that work towards your goals
* how to identify why you're ads aren't working and what to do about it

Tuesday 20th April @ 12:00

Whether it’s free self development tips to grow your confidence or tricks to grow your biz, you choose what you want to hear from us about!

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