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Babes on Waves is founded as an online magazine celebrating women’s wins & encouraging self-development.

Babes on Waves becomes an IRL business club for female entrepreneurs, with members meeting monthly at a co-work space to exchange ideas.

Babes on Waves today merges the two, becoming the go to place for women who want to gain confidence.

Confidence in their lives, through Self-Development talks & workshops, and Confidence as Founders, through our business clubs for female entrepreneurs.

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Hey babes, I’m Jasmine!

Growing up I struggled with insecurity & low self esteem as a teen. I moved around alot, from New York, to the Caribbean, Thailand, and finally boarding school in the English country-side. Although I’m so grateful for these experiences I think I was also left with a sense of inner instability & always feeling like I didn’t quite belong.

It wasn’t until my 2nd year of university & going through some pretty rough stuff that I was forced to really look at myself and admit how unhappy I was. After alot of soul-searching, tears, Oprah videos & hard work, I slowly built up my confidence and found my strength in entrepreneurship. Babes on Waves exists as a result of this journey, and it is my mission to help women create the lives they deserve.

I do what I do because I love being part of the process of helping other women become more “them”! Nothing makes me happier than seeing an amazing woman launch her dream business, level up out of a toxic relationship and fully live her truth.

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I was 21 when I first started getting into all this entrepreneurship &  business stuff, and found myself increasingly became more isolated. My friends were getting sick of my many business idea rants, and I found myself constantly having to choose between being social and being productive. More than once I wished I had someone to discuss all the ideas I had running through my head with, to get more than a “sounds cool!” reaction.

I created the Business Club out of this very real need for connection, and all of the OG members who joined back in 2019 are still with me today!



Growing up I suffered major self-esteem & confidence issues. After a disastrous 2017, which culminated in me taking a year out of university, I realised there was a consistent pattern of me allowing toxicity into my life, because deep down I did not believe I deserved better. I used my year out to really get to work on myself- I consumed all the self development books, podcasts, TED talks & implemented the lessons I learnt. I took up both normal & floatation therapy. I found a hobby in business through that built my confidence.

That year was transformational for me, and now, being aware of so many women around me suffering the same confidence & self esteem issues I did, it is now my mission to help them find their confidence, just as I found mine. 

Whether it’s free self development tips to grow your confidence or tricks to grow your biz, you choose what you want to hear from us about! 

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